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 How to apply for zirka - read before posting

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PostSubject: How to apply for zirka - read before posting   Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:04 am

I'm writing this because of the increasing number of applications which deserve to get an instant disqualification.

If you've ever taken part in a job interview you know that you have to emphasize your strengths and the important facts.

1. Don't lie about your clanhistory, it's unimportant to us for as long as you don't turn out to be a clanhopper, but we'll find out if you don't tell the truth.

2. The phrase "important facts" includes your nicknames (which shouldn't be more than three so they don't cause confusion), the divisions you want to be part of and number of years you've played this game (so we can see how addicted you are Wink ).

3. You can also mention how you discovered our team or why you want to join but please understand that we don't make exceptions if one of your relatives or best friends is already a teammember.

4. There is only one good reason for everyone to join a team/clan which is to have fun together in tourneys and organized matches, usually wars (competitive aspect). If that's not one of the reasons why you want to join, stay out.

5. All decisions about new clanmembers are made here on our forum, not on the grid. If the majority doesn't vote for you, your app may get rejected.

6. We expect our team's players to be active on the forum and in the game, otherwise we couldn't take part in any tourney. If you don't post anything else here except your application you can be 100% sure that it will be rejected sooner or later.

7. The text of the application itself shouldn't be annoying, we don't care if you use a formal or informal style but it has to be proper (no special font size, colors you can read easily on this background, don't write all in caps unless you want us to interprete it as a shout).

8. Our clanmembers need to know how to communicate which means it requires a moderate English skill to become a member. But of course, language and game experience isn't all.

9. We also don't care about most of your private life's details, we are only interested in your age. If you like you can write your real name and occupation, interests, hobbies, whether you are paralyzed or not etc. - but it doesn't matter in your application. For things like that we have another department. There you can introduce yourself.
It is more important for us that you behave friendly, respectful and intelligent (even when no other member is watching you), if you misbehave and we are informed about it you'll see that your application will be closed at once.

10. We don't want to waste our time on long sophisticated discussions whose aim is to accept your application.

11. Skill is not all. We don't accept immature behaviour.

12. The points listed above and below this one are only guidelines. Remember that we can also ignore your application without giving you a reason (if we just don't like you for example) Razz

13. Speak for yourself. If your friends tell us we "have to let you join" we won't.

14. If a poll ends in a draw you'll have to wait. if one option reaches 4 votes it will be accepted by us.

15. Being part of a team means also to be part of its up and downs. We need dedicated members. If you are unhappy or disappointed about something, go ahead and talk about it!

16. To avoid misunderstandings: we won't kick inactive members just for their inactivity. We will put them on our "inactives"-list.

17. We will check your IP, E-Mail address, and we ask other clans what they know about you. Don't waste our time, we don't like people who apply more than one time without improving significantly, especially if they do it with different aliases as if they had to hide something.
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How to apply for zirka - read before posting
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