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 Wild Fortress Tournament

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PostSubject: Wild Fortress Tournament   Sun May 23, 2010 2:58 pm

Quote :
Wild West is sponsoring a Wild Fort Tourney on June 12 at 5 pm EST in the Wild West Wild Fort Server in arma.

This tourney will be a double elimination tourney if there are 3-6 teams and single elimination if there are 7 or more teams. Teams will consist of 5 players.

To sign up the team leader makes a post here stating that the team is participating this match. If you don't have a team, make a post in tourney discussion thread to let them know you are available. The sign-ups end the day before the tourney at 10 pm EST.

The day of the tourney the teams need to check the bracket and be in their assigned server. If the tourney director comes in and your group isn't ready, then the other matches will be started and then the tourney director will come back to you and start your match.

The tourney will be a double elimination bracket tourney, this means each team will play at least 2 games. 6 slots per team 5 in play 1 sub/spectator. In order to move up in the bracket a team must win 1 match. The winner of each server will move up in the bracket, while the losing teams are then moved to the loser bracket.

If there are 7 or more teams then a single elimination bracket will be used and one match determines who continues on the tourney. Mass suicides are illegal and are defined as an entire team all dying within the first 15 seconds of the round.

Matches will be played to 1000 or 15 rounds whichever is reached first, with the default typical settings for the WF server.

Players are expected to act in with sportsmanship. Anyone being rude to other players, or the tourney directors they will be disqualified. Spectators need to talk in /team, if they refuse to follow this and disrupt the tourney they will be warned first and then kicked.

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Wild Fortress Tournament
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